Who Arranges the Survey When Selling a House?

Who Arranges the Survey When Selling a House?

If it’s your first time selling and buying property, you may already be feeling a little overwhelmed. Don’t worry! The property sale process can be difficult at times, but there is more assistance available to you than ever before. What’s more, property sales advice is affordable and efficient to arrange. At Home Report Scotland, we aim to answer as many questions as we can with regard to property surveying and more besides.

But when it comes to arranging your property survey, who takes the reins? Is it the role of the seller, or the estate agent, to get the ball rolling? Let’s take a look.

Applying for a Home Report

Home reports and property surveys can be requested at any time by potential buyers. This will apply to you, too – so do be aware of your rights! A home report will detail a number of important factors about a property. You will also be able to inform buyers on what they can expect from local parking, accessibility to the property and more besides.

It is generally down to the seller to arrange for a survey or report. This will be requested of you when a buyer would like to know more about their potential purchase. You must oblige as soon as possible, as required by law.

Can an Estate Agent Arrange Surveys?

Yes. A seller may request that their estate agency take on the report and survey arrangements. However, if you prefer to take control, it may be worth you considering applying for reports and surveys yourself. Many sellers prefer to approach Chartered Surveyors directly.

Estate agents are not always used in the home selling process, but they can help when it comes to negotiation and drawing up contracts. Many sellers prefer to take on private sales themselves. If this is you, you should certainly think about approaching a home report specialist in the first instance. Trust local RICS qualified surveyors to undertake independent inspections of your property when convenient to you.

Contact Home Report Scotland

Home Report Scotland is here to help you access and file property reports as and when you need them. Powered by Harvey Donaldson & Gibson, we will make sure to appoint a local RICS qualified surveyor who can conveniently analyse your property and help to build your report. It’s important to give your buyers as much information and as much confidence as possible when it comes to negotiation.

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