Frequently Asked Questions About Home Reports

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Reports

Are you new to selling a property? Worried about getting everything in place for potential buyers? Don’t panic. Home Report Scotland is here to ensure you have plenty of guidance and care in making sure that you provide buyers with as much information as possible about your home.

But what is a Home Report? Why do you need one? And how easy is it to arrange for one to take place?

In this guide, we’ll look at a few of the more frequently asked questions we can answer.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is a Home Report?

A home report is a collection of report that helps your buyers to understand a little more about your property. For example, they may wish to know about the potential running costs, council fees, accessibility and parking arrangements available.

They may also want to know about any potential work which may be required in the long term. It is a report that lays everything bare for buyers to understand!

What is Included in a Home Report?

Home reports are generally broken down into three sections:

A Single Survey with Mortgage Valuation, which looks at the condition of your building, and provides a Market Value.

• An energy survey or Energy Performance Certificate, which assesses a property’s energy efficiency and environmental impact.

• A Property Questionnaire, which looks at accessibility, parking, council matters and any other additional fees which may be involved, and is completed by a seller.

Who Can Carry out a Home Report?

Home reports can be handled by trained experts – RICS qualified Surveyors.

It’s important you find a team who is backed by experience, quality and is fair. Home Report Scotland is supported by Harvey Donaldson & Gibson, who are nationally-renowned surveyors with years of expertise.

When Do I Need to File a Report?

We generally advise that a report is requested before you put a property on the market – it is a legal requirement. This is so that any data buyers may wish to access is readily available for them before they need to make any requests and that you as a seller are well informed.

You may also need to refresh your report if your property remains on the market for a lengthy period – 3 months to be precise but not every 3 months, just when your property sells after this stage!

How Much do Home Reports Cost?

A Home Report in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen or Dundee or elsewhere can vary in terms of costs. Our recommendation to you will always be to consult our team in the first instance if you would like a free quote. There is no obligation, and we can quote either through our online service or over the phone as you require.

Getting a home report doesn’t have to be difficult or even costly.

We will make sure to keep you up to speed on the whole process and will always offer you a competitive quote that you can feasibly afford.

Call us on 0141 227 6198 before you take your home to market!