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Before you sell your property in Glasgow, Edinburgh or elsewhere, you are going to need to start thinking about completing a home report. But where do you start? How do you approach a home report expert to help you set up and file such surveys for you?

Home Report Scotland is always on hand to support local homeowners who may be looking to sell. We’re proud to be able to cover a wide area when it comes to surveying, too. No matter where you are in Scotland, we’ll be able to help you.

Local Home Report Experts

While some home report teams only ever work on a local basis, Home Report Scotland supports property sellers across the region with local teams who can be with you at short notice.

With support from Harvey Donaldson & Gibson Chartered Surveyors, arranging for a home visit is as simple as picking up the phone and speaking to our central help desk.

Whether you need a home report in Glasgow, Fife, Aberdeen, or Edinburgh – our expert coverage stretches across the local regions.

Using cutting edge technology and years of expertise, our accredited surveyors can be summoned to your home at any time. This means that we will be able to deliver a quality professional service on request at short notice.

It also means you get a comprehensive report with service unlike any other.

Why pay more elsewhere for less support?

Finding Local Surveyors

Finding local surveyors may be tricky. That’s why we’ve positioned our services and our experts to be able to visit and support homes up and down Scotland. We’ve expanded considerably over the years to be able to reach out and help more people than ever before.

With accurate, industry-leading tools at our disposal, we will always ben able to attend Scottish properties to offer full, honest surveying.

We’re pleased to be able to cover the following regions:

• Central Scotland
• North West Scotland
• North East Scotland
• South & East Scotland
• West Scotland & Ayrshire

We will be able to visit you on request across Scotland

Booking a Local Surveyor

Booking a local surveyor for a home report couldn’t be easier. By calling our central switchboard, you’ll be put in touch with a member of our team who can partner you with a local expert. You’ll then be able to arrange a time and date for surveying and valuation that suits you. You’ll also be able to get an instant quote with no hidden fees on our website!

Our aim is to always take as much hassle off your plate as possible.

Therefore, we’re only ever too happy to dispatch local experts to you when you need them. Our comprehensive reports will include a full questionnaire as well as energy and single surveys.

Contact Home Report Scotland

Need help from a local chartered surveyor?

Call Home Report Scotland for access to some of the country’s finest.

Simply call 0141 227 6198 today, or book your free quote online without obligation. Why go further afield for surveying when we can come to you directly?

Selling a Home: Is It Worth Paying for a Homebuyer Report?

Selling a property is something that needs a focus on the details. There are many different things you need to consider! Before you put your home on the market, there are plenty of boxes you’ll need to tick. You’ll mainly need to focus on your own situation, including your place in the property chain. However, when it comes to effectively selling your home, you have to address the needs of your buyer.

Here at Home Report Scotland, we naturally encourage all sellers to provide a report and surveys as soon as physically possible.

Why Get a Home Report?

A home report does more than just lay down the facts. It helps to sell your home in a number of ways! In this brief guide, we will take a look at just how much support a homebuyer report can bring to your own property sale. There’s more to selling a home than just dressing it up nicely and signing up with the right estate agent.

Home Reports: Your Buyers Deserve the Best

Think about things from a buyer’s perspective. If you were to buy a property, you’d surely want to know all the ins and outs of a home! Paying for a home report and full survey is a cost that is more than recouped once a sale goes through.

You are providing your buyer with essential knowledge on running costs, potential works and your property’s history.

A Report Answers Many Questions

As a home seller, you will likely already come across a whole host of questions about your property. A home report Glasgow or elsewhere will answer much of those questions for you! It’ll handle some of the trickier aspects, too.

It’ll let your buyers know what they can expect from long term running costs, general accessibility, house value and even energy efficiency. Ultimately, a report takes a lot of the queries off your shoulders, and it’s all presented in a digestible format for buyers to understand.

Chartered Surveyors Can Be Trusted

Here at Home Report Scotland, you have access to skilled Harvey Donaldson & Gibson Chartered Surveyors to provide professional surveying and report compiling to meet all of the legal requirements of marketing your home. This means that we are thorough, we are fully audited, RICS regulated and – most of all – we are fair. You will not be able to carry out a single survey and therefore a home report without the backing of a RICS qualified Surveyor. Why do the leg work yourself when our experts can be on hand to support you?

Less Hassle for You

Ultimately, it’s our view that a home report makes things less of a hassle for property sellers. This is because surveyors and experts can run thorough inspections and dig deep into the nitty-gritty of a property while you handle other areas of the sale with your agent.

In need of a home report Glasgow or elsewhere? Our team at Home Report Scotland is on hand to help. Call us for your free quote today on 0141 227 6198.

An Introduction to Home Reports

If you are about to put your property on the market, here’s the first things you need to consider about home reports. Nearly all homes for sale in Scotland require a home report. It’s that straight-forward. Certain properties are exempt from this; for example, all new build properties. In the overwhelming majority of property sales however, anyone selling their home needs to provide a home report for prospective buyers.

What is a Home Report?

The Home Report is a collection of documents relating to the condition and valuation of the home. Details include energy efficiency and other essential information. The home report contains three documents:

Single Survey

Detailed information on the condition and value of the property. Includes an audit of accessible features useful for older and disabled people, and parents with young children. The Single Survey can only be compiled by a RICS qualified Surveyor. All of our Single Surveys contain a Generic Mortgage Valuation accepted by mortgage lender. Good to know!

Energy Report

Energy efficiency certificate and environmental impact of the home. Recommends ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions of the property. Helps buyers to compare general energy costs between homes. The Energy Condition Certificate can only be compiled by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor.

Property Questionnaire

Includes information such as council tax band, parking facilities, relevant local authority notices, factoring arrangements and alterations made to the property. The Property Questionnaire is completed by the seller or nominee.

Home Report Scotland

Home Report Scotland provides you with talented experts and RICS qualified surveyors to prepare Home Reports that our clients can rely on. In need of a home report for your property to help ease some of the property sale headaches? All you need to do is call. We hold the key to a successful house sale.

Use our fantastic 24/7 free quote tool on the home page, call 0141 227 6198 or email us at info@homereportscotland.scot today.

Home Report Glasgow: What is a Home Report?

Are you interested in selling your home in Glasgow? Considering instructing Home Report for the first time? Don’t worry – we are here to help you with the whole process and help you move to a sale. If you are in need of the Home Report that buyers in Scotland rely on, we are here to help. Home Report Scotland will work with you to put together a comprehensive pack of documents to enable you to market your property for sale.

What is a Home Report?

Home buyers need confidence in your property if they’re going to close that sale. This means that they will likely have plenty of questions! How much is your property worth? How ‘Green’ is your home? Is the property in need of any building or structural work?

You’ll need to answer all these questions. But surely there’s a more efficient way of doing so? That, of course, is where a home report comes in. A home report in Glasgow will advise buyers on the condition of your property, general running costs and accessibility.

What Makes Up My Home Report?

Your Home Report will be made up of three main components.

• A single survey – which will cover property condition and valuation.
• An energy performance certificate – which will report on energy efficiency and broad costs for utilities.
• A property questionnaire – which will advise on any extra costs, parking information and council tax etc.

All three sections are very important. They’re put together by RICS qualified surveyors, who will need to run a thorough assessment of the property for sale. This way, an accurate, professional and informative report can always be produced. It provides information that you and any buyer can rely on.

Why Do I Need a Home Report?

It is your responsibility as a seller to provide a home report within nine days of a buyer having requested one, and to have this in place before your property is marketed for sale. This is advised so that they have access to information which will help them to decide on whether or not to purchase your home.

Unless you are selling a property due for demolition, one which is a newly built, or a property which is either for holiday or commercial purposes, you’ll be required to obtain and provide a Home Report

When Will I Need a Home Report?

It’s necessary to get a Home Report before you list your property for sale. A Home Report from us will put you in control of marketing your home. You’ll need to supply a home report on request. You can, of course, also take initiative to instruct a report if you already know someone wants to buy your house, say a friend or relative.

Need Further Advice?

Home Report Scotland offers comprehensive advice and report services to property sellers across the region. If you’re looking for a Home Report Glasgow or beyond, call our team today on 0141 227 6198 to learn more. Alternatively, generate a free quote online, or email us at info@homereportscotland.scot today.

Home Report Scotland: Selling a Property

There are plenty of things to think about when selling a property in Scotland. Not only do you need to set the right price for the market, you will need to take steps so you can sell your home with confidence. Selling a property is all about making sure buyers understand what the condition and advantages of your home. Here at Home Report Scotland, we are in the business of providing you with the Home Report you need to sell your home. But why do sellers need to obtain a home report? It’s all about helping your buyers understand their purchase – a legal requirement but with the consumer in mind.

What is a Home Report?

A home report is a collection of documents which gives potential buyers information about a property for sale. Think of a report as being like a comprehensive description of what is on offer. Its purpose is to inform and to clarify, as well as providing reassurance to a potential buyer that a property may be right for them. Home buyers will have plenty of questions, and home reports will allow sellers to answer them with clear, concise documents.

What Goes into a Home Report?

A Scottish Home Report will include three basic sections:

• An Energy Performance Certificate – this shows the energy efficiency of the home along with recommendations to improve this.
• A property questionnaire – a legal document which will answer questions such as council tax band, utilities providers, common or service fees and other legal matters.
• A single survey, which describes the property and reports on condition. Our Single Survey will confirm the market value of the property and a Generic Mortgage Valuation which can be relied upon by mortgage lenders.

All three parts come together to make a report which aims to answer as many questions as possible. In Scotland, it is normally a legal requirement to provide a home report to before you market your home.

Do I Need a Home Report?

Generally speaking, if you are selling a property in Scotland, you will always need to provide a report. There are circumstances where you may be exempt, however. If you are selling a commercial use property, seasonal accommodation, a new build house or a property which is uninhabitable you do not require a Home Report. These are the rare exceptions however.

You will need to approach an RICS qualified Surveyor to help you put a home report together. This applies if you are requesting a home report in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness or elsewhere around country.

Creating Your Home Report

Are you placing your home on the market? Now is the time to get a home report produced. You’ll be informed and in control.

Home Report Scotland supplies comprehensive report services to property sellers across the country. Are you in need of a qualified surveyor? Do you need a reliable quote for a full home report? Let our team provide the answers which hold the key to a successful house sale.

Call us on 0141 227 6198, use the quote generator on the home page or email us at info@homereportscotland.scot at your convenience. We’re here to help you sell with confidence.