Home Report Scotland: Selling a Property

Home Report Scotland: Selling a Property

There are plenty of things to think about when selling a property in Scotland. Not only do you need to set the right price for the market, you will need to take steps so you can sell your home with confidence. Selling a property is all about making sure buyers understand what the condition and advantages of your home. Here at Home Report Scotland, we are in the business of providing you with the Home Report you need to sell your home. But why do sellers need to obtain a home report? It’s all about helping your buyers understand their purchase – a legal requirement but with the consumer in mind.

What is a Home Report?

A home report is a collection of documents which gives potential buyers information about a property for sale. Think of a report as being like a comprehensive description of what is on offer. Its purpose is to inform and to clarify, as well as providing reassurance to a potential buyer that a property may be right for them. Home buyers will have plenty of questions, and home reports will allow sellers to answer them with clear, concise documents.

What Goes into a Home Report?

A Scottish Home Report will include three basic sections:

• An Energy Performance Certificate – this shows the energy efficiency of the home along with recommendations to improve this.
• A property questionnaire – a legal document which will answer questions such as council tax band, utilities providers, common or service fees and other legal matters.
• A single survey, which describes the property and reports on condition. Our Single Survey will confirm the market value of the property and a Generic Mortgage Valuation which can be relied upon by mortgage lenders.

All three parts come together to make a report which aims to answer as many questions as possible. In Scotland, it is normally a legal requirement to provide a home report to before you market your home.

Do I Need a Home Report?

Generally speaking, if you are selling a property in Scotland, you will always need to provide a report. There are circumstances where you may be exempt, however. If you are selling a commercial use property, seasonal accommodation, a new build house or a property which is uninhabitable you do not require a Home Report. These are the rare exceptions however.

You will need to approach an RICS qualified Surveyor to help you put a home report together. This applies if you are requesting a home report in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness or elsewhere around country.

Creating Your Home Report

Are you placing your home on the market? Now is the time to get a home report produced. You’ll be informed and in control.

Home Report Scotland supplies comprehensive report services to property sellers across the country. Are you in need of a qualified surveyor? Do you need a reliable quote for a full home report? Let our team provide the answers which hold the key to a successful house sale.

Call us on 0141 227 6198, use the quote generator on the home page or email us at info@homereportscotland.scot at your convenience. We’re here to help you sell with confidence.