Home Buyer’s Survey: Is It Worth It?

Home Buyer’s Survey: Is It Worth It?

When you sell a property, you will need to do plenty of work to make sure you give your buyers the information they need to meet you at your asking price. There is more work to be done than simply taking a few pictures and writing up an attractive blurb to introduce your property.

As well as preparing your home for sale, you need to be ready to welcome property surveyors into your home. You should have home report if your buyers ask for one. If they do, you must oblige as soon as possible.

A Home Report tells you all you need to know about your property as you begin the process of making a sale.

Why Should I Get a Home Buyer’s Survey?

A home buyer’s survey is your ticket towards the sale price you are asking for. Ultimately, a full report on your home will let people know what they can expect from a property after they move in.

It is a great way to detail running costs such as energy and water expenditure and to highlight any areas which may need additional work and maintenance.

Home reports and full surveys are worth it from a seller’s perspective. For one thing, they help to identify the exact value of a property. You may be overselling or underselling your home without even realising it! If this is the case, you will have hard evidence which you can use to make changes to your asking price. This will also help to make things easier on both you and your buyers during negotiation.

What’s more, a thorough survey is a good idea if you want to take complete charge over fault fixes and maintenance. While a survey can be requested via an estate agent, sellers who take control of their surveys and reports can send take greater control over what happens next. You will be able to identify what, if anything, needs to be remedied, and you can pursue your own channels to do so.

Chartered surveyors are also completely independent.

They’re on your side and the buyer’s side, too.

It’s their aim to help build reports which will give full disclosure on what you can expect from a property before it is moved into.

If you were the buyer in this scenario, it is highly likely you’d want to know more about a property before you move in.

It’s Always Worth Surveying

Some people may be put off surveying and report filing as they believe the process to be slow going or awkward. This is not only untrue, but you are legally obliged to supply survey results if you are asked for them. Therefore, it is always worth staying one step ahead of the game wherever possible.

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