What is an Energy Performance Certificate and How is it Calculated?

What is an Energy Performance Certificate and How is it Calculated?

As part of any full Home Report Glasgow or elsewhere, you will be required to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). You may have seen these certificates before when buying a home or even associated with certain household products which can use electricity. We’re all fairly familiar with seeing these certificates, then – but what do they actually do? How are they calculated? And why do they make up such an important part of any Home Report?

What is an EPC?
An energy performance certificate, or EPC, is a legal requirement of anyone who may be buying, renting or choosing to sell a property. This means the following data may be included, based on inspection of your property but not your usage:

• Heating costs (generic)
• The costs of lighting a property (generic)
• Potential carbon emissions (generic)
• Hot water running costs (generic)

An EPC is therefore important in that it helps us to understand how homes can affect the wider environment. It’s also an essential resource for buyers. An EPC is always requested and supplied as part of a full home report and our experts are qualified and accredited to supply EPC’s. .

How are EPCs Calculated?
EPCs are calculated on a sliding scale. This means that a property may be graded from A to G. Similarly to the school grading system, you want an A more than you do an F! A-graded homes are the most energy-efficient and will, therefore, need less money to run electricity, gas and water on a regular basis.

Surveyors will analyse various aspects of your home in order to build a comprehensive and accurate EPC. A domestic EPC will analyse, construction, insulation and space and water heating to calculate energy efficiency.

Surveyors will need to undertake a number of thorough tests to be able to accurately detail the energy performance of your home. It’s always worth asking our experts here at Home Report Scotland to find out more!

When Do I Need an EPC?
While EPCs are produced with all comprehensive Home Reports Glasgow and elsewhere they have a shelf life of 10 years assuming no significant changes occur!

Find Out More
Need to know more about EPCs as part of the Home Report process? We’re here to help. A full EPC will be supplied by our chartered surveyors as part of a wider survey approach. Unsure what to expect? Call us or go online to learn more from our team.

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