What is a Single Survey?

What is a Single Survey?

There are three main parts to any home report Scotland and elsewhere. This is so that your buyers get full details on what they can expect once they’ve bought your home! In this guide, we will be taking a closer look at the Single Survey, which is probably one of the most important aspects of any home report. Looking for a home report Glasgow, Edinburgh or beyond? You’ll need to understand what a Single Survey and other aspects of the report can do.

Why You Need a Single Survey
Whenever you choose to sell a property in Scotland, it is essential that you provide your potential buyers with certain information. The Single Survey is an integral part of any Home Report.

• Are there any defects or ongoing repairs needed?
• How do any defects affect value?
• How much is the property worth?
• Is the property accessible for all?

Many of these points will make or break a sale for some buyers. Therefore, it makes sense to be up front and honest with them. This is why it is necessary for property sellers in Scotland to obtain Home Reports before going to market.

How a Single Survey Can Help
Let’s consider things from a buyer’s perspective a little more. If you were buying a property, what would you need or want to know about a house or flat before you choose to make an offer? It’s likely you’ll need to know that the property is in good condition. If not, you’ll need to know what steps you can feasibly take to fix certain issues.

• Certain buyers will need accessibility. This counts not only for the elderly, the infirm and the disabled but also for families with young children.
• It’s also important for large families and for those with pets to understand whether or not a property is suitable for their needs.
• A single survey will run through the nitty-gritty of the home and its fittings. That covers plumbing, electricity, gas mains, roofing, kitchen and bathroom standards and more besides.
• While you can spot work which needs to be completed on a simple walkthrough of any property, a single survey leaves no room for any hidden issues. It’s a simple, straightforward and honest display of what a buyer can expect from your home.

Who Can Carry Out a Single Survey?
If you need a home report Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland, you’ll need a RICS qualified surveyor to undertake the single survey for you. Finding surveyors for this task can be tricky at times! However, here at Home Report Scotland, we supply experts with backing from Harvey Donaldson & Gibson Chartered Surveyors. This means your single survey will be carried out to the legal, professional standards you require.

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