What is a Home Report Valuation?

What is a Home Report Valuation?

When you are in the process of selling your home, it is, of course, important to have some details to hand with regard to its exact value. This way, you will be able to set a price that both you, your buyers and any agents are likely to agree on. A home report will help you to give such confidence to all parties. But what exactly does a home report valuation involve, and how do you get one?

Home Report Valuation Basics

A home report Scotland or elsewhere is traditionally made up of at 3 documents. These will include an energy performance certification, a single survey with mortgage valuation and a property questionnaire. The purpose of all three of these documents is to put together a broader picture of what a buyer can expect from their new home in the long run.

A home report valuation is now a legal requirement in Scotland, having been brought into legislation at the end of 2008. With this in mind, it’s never been more important to start looking for surveyors and report experts to help you file all the information your buyers are going to want to know about.

Home Report: The Surveys

The energy performance certificate is a brief survey which will give buyers confidence when it comes to how energy efficient a building is. This can help to identify how much it will cost to run a property or premises in the long run, based on the efficiency of the home.

The single survey is a more detailed investigation. This will fully analyse the condition of a property and will propose a final value based on its current status. This part of the home report is extremely important as it will identify any areas in need of remedy, and the valuation in our Home Reports will be relied upon by a Mortgage lender!

The property questionnaire, meanwhile, is the cherry on the cake. This is a short guide that can be completed by the seller. It will advise buyers on what to expect in terms of parking, council tax, utilities, and any other information not already covered by the other two surveys. This part of the report is very important to the buyer as it, again, can help to answer more than a few burning questions.

How Do I Value My Property?

To avoid all doubt, and to remain within legal guidelines, you should always file a report and begin surveying before marketing your property. However, you should also consider taking on a Home Report Scotland or elsewhere if you want to make sure your valuation is up to scratch. Simply call an independent trusted RICS qualified surveyor at your convenience. It’s as simple as that!

Call Home Report Scotland today on 0141 227 6198 or email us at your convenience if you have any specific queries or questions we can help you with. Don’t delay setting up your home report – it will make all the difference to your sale.