Selling Your Home: What Does a Surveyor Do?

Selling Your Home: What Does a Surveyor Do?

Whenever you take out a Home Report Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland, it is the job of a RICS qualified Surveyor to undertake an inspection and evaluate your property to be able to file a full report. But what is it that surveyors actually do? What does RICS mean? What can you expect from a surveyor when they attend your property for the first time? In this guide, we will take a closer look and find out.

What to Expect From Your Surveyor
A RICS qualified surveyor, supplied by a team such as Home Report Scotland, will attend your property and will make sure that they take down any details which may affect the value and potential sale. It is their role to make sure that your home is accurately valued and that any details regarding structural problems or notable ongoing concerns are fully detailed in a report. This way, you can be sure that your buyers receive an honest and accurate depiction of what to expect from your home.

Your Surveyor Visit
On your surveyor visit, an expert will request permission to walk around your home and inspect fixtures and fitments which will allow them to form an opinion of condition. Will they access the loft? Yes! where safe to do so. Will they go under the floor? Yes! where safe to do so. They are fully trained and audited to look for issues and features which will be essential knowledge for potential buyers and help you be an informed seller. As expert valuers they will be able to make a judgement on how the condition of your home affects value. You will then be supplied with a full report on condition and value. You can either act on this (you don’t have to!), or you can advise your buyers of action suggested in your home report.

What is RICS?
RICS stands for ‘The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ This is a professional body with a Royal Charter whose members have to act in the best interests of the public – you! This means that an RICS valuer or surveyor will be working to national standards. Therefore, an RICS valuer will not only have a wealth of expertise at their disposal but will also be able to carry out home surveys in line with regulatory standards. All of our Surveyors are RICS Qualified and are regulated valuers!

When Do I Book a Surveyor?
Don’t worry. As part of any home report request, we will arrange for our Surveyors at Harvey Donaldson & Gibson to attend your property for a thorough, professional assessment. They will be able to take down any and all necessary details for your report. It’s so important that you file a home report before you put your home up for sale!

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