Types of Survey

Types of Survey

If you’re looking to appeal to the right home buyer, you are going to need to consider what they’re looking for! Before you sell your home, it is always important to make sure you file a Home Report Scotland or elsewhere. Surveys and reports are fantastic at not only helping to answer plenty of questions you would otherwise have to field yourself, but also to ensure your buyer has greater confidence in the sale.

But while a Home Report is required before you sell your home what other types of survey are there? Let’s take a quick look.

Home Reports
A home report will offer buyers everything they need to know as far as condition and value are concerned – they are a legal requirement for marketing a house in Scotland. Think of a report as your way of being upfront and honest with any buyers keen to make you an offer. A home report will include:

• A single survey and generic mortgage valuation, which will assess the condition and value of your property
• An energy survey or EPC, which will assess utility costs and energy impacts
• A property questionnaire or PQ, which will identify any further costs and queries your buyers may ask

Getting a home report Glasgow, Edinburgh or elsewhere is easy – but you’ll need to make sure you have the right team and RICS qualified surveyors to help you! Used as home buyer’s report, this will include a valuation of your property and will ensure your buyers are fully prepared to run the household.

Mortgage Valuation Reports
Otherwise known as a scheme 1 survey, this may be requested by some buyers and mortgage lenders as an alternative to a full home report if your house is not being marketed on the open market, whether with an agent or privately. As its name suggests, a valuation survey will essentially look closely at the value of your property. This report can cost anything from around £200 and is considered one of the more economic surveys, but it will need to detail any and all defects and structural problems which may be evident in your property. It is not as thorough as a home report, which may mean more details could be requested.

Full Structural Survey or Building Survey
This type of survey is considered the most expensive. It is also the most in-depth. If your buyers wants to know more about he condition of your property, this survey can be carried out on request. It’s possible that a full structural survey will be requested if you are handling property of some age or character or a listed building. For many buyers, it’s an essential guide on what they can expect from certain properties.

Home Report Guidance
Here at Home Report Scotland, we operate with the backing of Harvey Donaldson & Gibson Chartered Surveyors. That means all the work we carry out is fully authorised and within legal remits – and accepted by all mortgage lenders. It also means you get the thorough, comprehensive surveying and report filing that your buyers will need in order to make you an offer.

Home reports can help to sell your home! To find out more, call us on 0141 227 6198 today.