Should I Send a Home Report to an Estate Agent?

Should I Send a Home Report to an Estate Agent?

If you are selling or buying property, a full home report is required. To buyers, it means that they know the value and condition of their future home. For sellers, it means that they know that their house is being sold at a realistic price and how any problems they were not aware of may impact on their property sale.

Having a Home Report before you instruct an estate agent puts you in control Once you have paid for a full home report, it is your possession – which means you are free to do with the details however you please.

What Will a Survey Be Used For?

Generally, your estate agent will require a Home Report to sell your home. In many cases, agents will request reports and surveying themselves, especially if a buyer has made such a request.

However, there may be occasions where you don’t need to send a survey or report across to an agent. In some cases, private sellers use reports to show buyers what they can expect, as well as to understand what work they may need to complete to help negotiate for the full asking price.

Find Your Home Report
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