Selling a House in Scotland

Selling a House in Scotland

Are you thinking of selling a house in Scotland? There are plenty of things you may need to consider and take into account! It can be a little daunting at times – but it really doesn’t need to be! Here at Home Report Scotland, we’re always happy to support property owners and sellers throughout our region and beyond. While your own circumstances may vary, here’s our brief guide to what to expect when selling your home.

Consider Your Situation
Before you go ahead and choose an agent to sell with, you’re going to need to think about your reasons for selling, and the potential costs involved.

• What is your current mortgage situation? Do you have money left to pay?
• How much is your house worth? You will need to look for a valuation.
• Do you have a prospective new home to move into? Can your mortgage lender transfer your mortgage across if you still have an amount to pay off?
• Do you know who you’d like to handle the sale of your property?
• Have you considered your place in the property chain?

The best thing to do when it comes to selling your home for the first time is to take things slowly. There’s never any need to rush into things!

File a Home Report
Here at Home Report Scotland, we specialise in building home reports and surveys for properties across our region. Whether you need a home report Glasgow or Edinburgh, you’re going to need to make sure your property is fully surveyed before it goes to market.

A good home report will look closely at the structure of your property and will inform your buyers as to what they can expect from ongoing running costs as well as general accessibility. A full survey and report will also give buyers a breakdown on what repairs, if any, need to take place. It’s essential you file a home report before you put your home up for sale. Our team and our backing from RICS qualified surveyors will always be on hand to support you!

Preparing Your Home for Sale
This is the part some people love the most – while others hate it!

• Preparing your home for sale means setting the stage. You are going to need to make your property appear liveable and attractive to as many prospective buyers as possible.
• That means reducing clutter and removing personal effects.
• It also means introducing enticing smells and sights into your home! Arrange flowers, brew coffee, remove unsightly smells, install pictures and mirrors.
• Do also make sure you get a solicitor involved at this stage. They will help to complete the necessary legal paperwork on your behalf.

Don’t Panic!
The best advice we can give when it comes to selling a house in Scotland is to take a deep breath. Thousands of people sell their homes year on year. We are here to help you along the way!

Call our team at Home Report Scotland on 0141 227 6198 today for a Home Report or you can jump online for a free no obligation quote!