Selling a Home in Scotland

Selling a Home in Scotland

Selling and buying property anywhere in the world means plenty of paperwork. However, changes to the way in which we buy and sell homes in Scotland means we now have to think more carefully about the process and what it entails. In late 2008, Scottish home sellers became required to disclose full home reports before they market their home for sale. This means that potential buyers may request your Home Report before they start considering negotiation.

Selling and Surveying in Scotland

Scotland home buyers are now more protected than ever by the law, however, this is no bad thing for sellers. What’s more, a Home Report Scotland or elsewhere will help you to value your property. This is a very good thing if you want to make sure that you are getting the asking price you deserve!

It is also easy to arrange for surveys and reports to be filed. By working directly with the team at Home Report Scotland, you can assure buyers that their documents will be ready within a short delay of time. It’s peace of mind for you, too – as it means you won’t have to go around the property looking at every nook and cranny yourself.

What Surveyors Do: Home Report

Chartered Surveyors will take time to inspect properties and look for signs of defects. This means that they will look closely at fixtures, structural issues, and anything which could affect the value of your home or be a hazard to occupants. A full report will also advise on what a buyer can expect in terms of energy efficiency, too.

Sellers will be able to help some areas of the report, for example where they can inform buyers on what to expect from utilities, parking and other facilities once they move in. All of these details can go towards finalising a sale that all parties will be happy with.

Scotland Home Sales

Home sales in Scotland are no less complicated than they have been before. In fact, reports and surveying help to answer plenty of homebuyer questions which sellers would otherwise have needed to field separately. Therefore, compulsory home reporting is a great idea from all angles.

If you are in the process of selling a property in Scotland and haven’t yet considered a home report, it may be time to start looking at your options.

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