House Surveys: What Do They Look For?

House Surveys: What Do They Look For?

Getting a Home Report Scotland or elsewhere may seem daunting at first! There’s no need to worry. While a full home report will identify any areas your buyers will need to know about before they choose to make a purchase, you’re not being taken to task! A good home report will make sure that your buyer has full details on condition, legal enquiries and valuation plus lots more!.

Think about what you’d like to know before buying a home. You’d want access to as much information as possible! That’s where a home report comes in. However – as a seller – what can you expect from the surveying process? Let’s take a closer look.

The Single Survey
For any home report Glasgow or elsewhere, the single survey will make up some of the most important fact-finding. In this survey, a RICS Qualified Surveyor will closely inspect a number of fixtures and fittings in your home to detail in their report.

• They will look at the condition of your plumbing and general home facilities. They will look at gas and electrical safety and condition (but not test the appliances or services).
• They will look at your roof, floors, windows and walls, internal and external. They will need to look for evidence of damp, mould or other defects which may affect the value of your home.
• Surveyors will also look carefully at accessibility. If your home is not easily accessible for young children, older people or buyers who may be disabled, such factors will be noted.

The single survey looks at the overall condition of your home and will also provide a valuation. Therefore, your buyers will always know what to expect.

The Property Questionnaire
The property questionnaire is a document which will go into a little more detail on certain specifics and is completed by you as a property seller.

• This part of the report will look at council tax costs. These are useful for all buyers to know moving forward.
• Extensions and changes made to your home will also be detailed and factored into the report.
• Your PQ will also detail any potential extra costs. It’s important your buyers know how much living here will cost them in the long run!

The Energy Survey – Energy Performance certificate.
The EPC is an important facet of the home report which will look at the energy efficiency and environmental impact of your home. Your home will be granted an energy efficiency rating, and your property will be analysed as to how it affects the wider environment. These factors can make a big difference to some buyers. It’s an essential part of any home report Glasgow and beyond.

Booking Your Surveys
When setting up a report, it’s important you find help from experts with access to RICS Qualified surveyors. Here at Home Report Scotland, we have professional backing from Harvey Donaldson & Gibson Chartered Surveyors – meaning that our surveys and reports are thorough and accountable across the board and accepted by all mortgage lenders!

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