Home Report Scotland: What Do Chartered Surveyors Look For?

Home Report Scotland: What Do Chartered Surveyors Look For?

When arranging a Home Report for a property you plan to sell, it is important to bear in mind everything which will be taken into account during the process. The work of a chartered surveyor is to look closely at a property both in terms of its history as well as its current condition, and potential value. These details will help to give buyers more confidence when it comes to agreeing to a sale.

But what exactly do property surveyors do? What can you expect from a Home Report in Scotland? Let’s take a closer look.

Home Report Scotland: What a Surveyor Looks For

When a property surveyor first attends to complete an inspection, they will be looking for a number of common structural problems which may affect the value of a property. These issues could include damp, poor decorative finishes, roofing defects, poor ventilation and water ingress.

A qualified surveyor will be able to spot the tell-tale signs of defects which may affect a properties value. The role of an inspector is to make sure that any defects apparent at the time of inspection are fully detailed and documented.

Other Details to Bear in Mind for Home Reports

A RICS qualified surveyor from Home Report Scotland helping to build a home report won’t just look at structural issues. They will also look at the land a property is built on and will consider flooring, internal joinery and internal fabric. They will be able to make objective comments on the condition of your home in a fair and friendly manner

Property surveyors do incredibly important work. They have incredible eyes for detail and therefore look for any signs of potential damage inside and outside the home. A specific surveyor will be assigned for the building type, meaning that they will be able to confidently assess basements, lofts, drainage, gardens and more besides. Rest assured, our team at Home Report Scotland will line up the right surveyor and inspector to file a fair and honest report for you.

Home Report: Property Value

Ultimately, whether you are filing a Home Report Scotland or elsewhere, it is important to remember that the value of a property is at stake. Buyers requesting reports will do so to ensure that they are getting the best deal for their money.

Involved in a house sale, and want to make sure that there is as much information as possible made available to all parties? You’re going to need to set up a Home Report. Call Home Report Scotland on 0141 227 6198 for more details.