Home Report Scotland: Take the Stress Out of Selling Your Home

Home Report Scotland: Take the Stress Out of Selling Your Home

Selling a property can be a stressful time. There are all sorts of documents and forms you’ll need to consider. You’re probably going to want to cut down on as much hassle as possible. To be able to sell your property to the right people, you’ll need as much information as possible when it comes to answering buyers’ questions. However knowing what to ask, and how to answer, can slow things down. Luckily, this is where home reports, and our team at Home Report Scotland, come in.

Your home report will contain an Energy Performance Certificate which will advise buyers on the energy efficiency of your home and broad running costs for utilities.

The Property Questionnaire lets your buyers know Council Tax costs, vital legal information and details of service and factoring charges.

How Can Home Reports Help Me Sell My Home?

In the vast majority of sales, a home report will be required of you. This means you will need to seek the help of a report expert in your local area to help put together a portfolio of documents for your buyers.

A home report from Home Report Scotland will be accepted and relied upon by your buyer’s mortgage provider and be a great source of reference for your buyer’s solicitor.

For example, your full report will confirm market value and provide information on the condition of your property all neatly wrapped up with an easy to understand ‘1,2,3’ condition rating.

Seeking help from experts at Home Report Scotland will help to take plenty of hassle off your shoulders. A fully-tailored home report on any property will not only answer the vast majority of home buyer queries, but it will also be delivered quickly. It is a solution you can rely on and we will partner with you to ensure you have the information you need to sell your property based on our years of experience as Chartered Surveyors with expert knowledge of residential property in Scotland.

What Questions do Home Reports Answer?

Home Report Scotland help buyers to understand the potential implications of living in a new property. Your home report will advise potential buyers on current running costs for utilities, council tax expectations and any other factors which may cost extra.

Reports are also great at filling in plenty of information gaps for buyers. It provides a full understanding of the property beyond what buyers will see on their visit to the property. It also provides reassurance to solicitors and mortgage providers working on behalf of the buyer.

For example, a full report will advise on the value and overall condition of a property, as well as of any particular areas which may need extra work. This way, there’s nothing left up in the air. You will have a clear route to confirming the sale of the property. You can move forward with the buyer making an informed decision. Home Report Scotland will give you a trusted, clear and comprehensive product based on our years of experience working in property in Scotland.

Do I Need a Home Report?

In most cases it is required by law that you obtain a home report from a RICS qualified surveyor before you put your property up for sale in Scotland. Ultimately, this is in your interest as it will allow you to provide the answers to the questions buyers will ask. The home report is written in an accessible format that all parties can understand and use for their discussions as you approach the date of your sale.

You’ll need a ‘replacement’ home report if you sell your property any more than 12 weeks after the original inspection.

Good news! This isn’t needed every 12 weeks, just whenever you sell your home, even after a year or more. A home report prepared by one of our highly experienced team will give straight, honest answers that you and any buyer can rely on.

It removes much of the stress around selling your home. A fully authorised report prepared by one of our highly experienced team will give straight, honest answers that you can rely on. The home report also paves the way to a sale at a price you’re happy to accept.

Home Report Scotland

Home Report Scotland provides you with talented experts and RICS qualified surveyors to prepare Home Reports that our clients can rely on. In need of a home report for your property to help ease some of the property sale headaches? All you need to do is call.

Use our fantastic 24/7 free quote tool on the home page, call 0141 227 6198 or email us at info@homereportscotland.scot today.

Don’t succumb to house sale stresses! Let the professionals do the legwork and answer all the tricky questions for you. Get your free quote now!

About Home Report Scotland

Powered by Harvey Donaldson & Gibson we are one of the largest residential practices in Scotland. The original partnership of Harvey & Donaldson was established over 50 years ago. We move with the times and Harvey Donaldson & Gibson is now part of Countrywide plc, one of the UK’s largest and most trusted providers of valuations to all major banks. You can rely on us and trust what we say. We will always be here for you.

Harvey Donaldson & Gibson offers national coverage from highly qualified local surveyors. We have provided tens of thousands of Home Reports to our happy customers and hundreds of thousands of valuations to UK banks.

Be safe and happy – use Home Report Scotland powered by Harvey Donaldson & Gibson – the new way to get your Home Report.

Home Reports

All homes for sale in Scotland require a Home Report. Certain properties are exempt from this; for example, all new build properties. Generally however, anyone selling their home needs to provide a Home Report to prospective buyers.

Single Survey

Detailed information on the condition and value of the property. Includes an audit of accessible features useful for older and disabled people, and parents with young children. The Single Survey can only be compiled by a Chartered Surveyor

Energy Report

Energy efficiency rating and environmental impact of the home in terms of carbon emissions. Recommends ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions of the property. Helps buyers to compare energy costs between homes. The Energy Report within a Home Report can only be compiled by a Chartered Surveyor.

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