Home Report Glasgow: What is a Home Report?

Home Report Glasgow: What is a Home Report?

Are you interested in selling your home in Glasgow? Considering instructing Home Report for the first time? Don’t worry – we are here to help you with the whole process and help you move to a sale. If you are in need of the Home Report that buyers in Scotland rely on, we are here to help. Home Report Scotland will work with you to put together a comprehensive pack of documents to enable you to market your property for sale.

What is a Home Report?

Home buyers need confidence in your property if they’re going to close that sale. This means that they will likely have plenty of questions! How much is your property worth? How ‘Green’ is your home? Is the property in need of any building or structural work?

You’ll need to answer all these questions. But surely there’s a more efficient way of doing so? That, of course, is where a home report comes in. A home report in Glasgow will advise buyers on the condition of your property, general running costs and accessibility.

What Makes Up My Home Report?

Your Home Report will be made up of three main components.

• A single survey – which will cover property condition and valuation.
• An energy performance certificate – which will report on energy efficiency and broad costs for utilities.
• A property questionnaire – which will advise on any extra costs, parking information and council tax etc.

All three sections are very important. They’re put together by RICS qualified surveyors, who will need to run a thorough assessment of the property for sale. This way, an accurate, professional and informative report can always be produced. It provides information that you and any buyer can rely on.

Why Do I Need a Home Report?

It is your responsibility as a seller to provide a home report within nine days of a buyer having requested one, and to have this in place before your property is marketed for sale. This is advised so that they have access to information which will help them to decide on whether or not to purchase your home.

Unless you are selling a property due for demolition, one which is a newly built, or a property which is either for holiday or commercial purposes, you’ll be required to obtain and provide a Home Report

When Will I Need a Home Report?

It’s necessary to get a Home Report before you list your property for sale. A Home Report from us will put you in control of marketing your home. You’ll need to supply a home report on request. You can, of course, also take initiative to instruct a report if you already know someone wants to buy your house, say a friend or relative.

Need Further Advice?

Home Report Scotland offers comprehensive advice and report services to property sellers across the region. If you’re looking for a Home Report Glasgow or beyond, call our team today on 0141 227 6198 to learn more. Alternatively, generate a free quote online, or email us at info@homereportscotland.scot today.