Do I Need to Get a Home Property Report Done?

Do I Need to Get a Home Property Report Done?

If you are selling property in Scotland, it is a legal requirement that you produce a home report if your prospective buyer asks you to do so.

This applies to estate agents, too. A home report will include several important surveys and their results, as well as additional research on the suitability of a property. It is important that buyers have access to this information so that they can make a confident decision when it comes to paying for your home.

Why Property Reports are Important

The bottom line is, failure to provide a home report when asked will be breaking the law.

There is no longer an excuse for avoiding arranging for surveyors and experts to analyse your home. Buyers deserve to know what they are getting into.

Property reports and surveys are so important because they highlight potential hazards and dangers. If you willingly sell a property which may put buyers at risk, you will be breaking the law. Arranging a home report will ensure that an independent, outside source has fully checked and analysed your property and effectively ‘OK’d’ it for sale.

Reports Are Great for Sellers

Reporting and surveying are also very beneficial for sellers during the process, too. This is because surveyors will be able to spot potential hazards and issues which you will need to address with immediate effect. If you are serious about keeping up an honest sale, you will undertake a report to make sure you can arrange for work to be completed if it is required.

You can choose to receive and retain your report as opposed to handing it to an estate agent. This will allow you to take control of any actions you may need to take. What’s more, you will be able to offer buyers more confidence in that you are striving to fix problems. By taking out a full report, you are showing that you care about your buyer. A buyer will be more willing to negotiate with you favourably on price if you are honest and upfront.

Why Choose Home Report Scotland?

If you’ve decided that approaching chartered surveyors is a good idea, we are here to help you file that all-important report. Having helped thousands of property sales over the years, we are confident that we will be able to offer you a full breakdown of what buyers can expect from your property.

It’s important that you choose an experienced agency working alongside local chartered surveyors.

Our surveyors at Harvey Donaldson & Gibson are based all over Scotland and are therefore specialised in certain areas and housing. When you arrange for a report with us, we will book a consultation for you with your closest surveyor and/or agent.

Call Home Report Scotland today to learn more about what property reporting entails, and why it’s so important to the running of a sale. Call 0141 473 6820 to speak to the team, or get in touch online.