Should I Get a Home Buyer’s Report? | Home Report Scotland

Should I Get a Home Buyer’s Report? | Home Report Scotland

Whether you are the buyer or the seller in a property sale, there are plenty of reasons why you’ll want all the details made clear to you. As a buyer, you are going to want confidence in the property you are investing money in. As a seller, you should make sure that your home is ready to sell, and that it is properly valued. What’s more, if a buyer asks for home surveys or reports at any point during the sale process, you will be legally obliged to furnish them with the details.

Why Home Reports are Important

While selling yours house without a home report request is illegal, let’s consider some of the finer points of why you may wish to instruct a home report. Even if a buyer hasn’t asked for one yet, a full survey will help you learn more about the property you are aiming to sell. You may be able to undertake plenty of checks yourself, and you may already know much of the property’s history. However, with the assistance of a RICS qualified Surveyor, you will be able to build a concise picture of what your home is actually worth.

Home reports are sought after by sellers as they will help to identify areas in need of repair or remedy. While some problems are easy to spot, a trained Surveyor will be able to give objective information that can be relied upon. They will look closely at all elements of your property. With this in mind, a report can be a real asset to helping you sell your home.

When Should I Get a Home Buyer’s Report?

Ultimately, it’s important you arrange for a Home Report to be prepared before selling your house. The sooner you act to have your Home Report prepared the quicker you will know the value and condition of your home you are selling. We understand that to you, your home is where you feel happy and safe and you can trust us to help sell your home.

Some people go via estate agencies for home reports, and while there is no harm in doing so, many sellers prefer to contact surveyors direct. This way, they know all about their home and its value before even deciding who will sell the property. They will also know of any defects that they may wish to remedy.

Arranging for a Home Report<h2

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