Find a Home Report? Here’s How!

Find a Home Report? Here’s How!

Selling a property in Scotland? Want to help your buyers make a decision they are comfortable with? To do this, you are of course going to need to be honest and upfront through the whole process.

With the help of local chartered surveyors, you will be able to produce full reports and survey results to show the true value of your home.

If a buyer requests this of you, you will need to provide a home report. This is a legal requirement.

Finding the Right Home Report

If you are already looking into ways to survey your property, you may have already considered approaching surveyors on your own. While this is a good way to make arrangements, approaching a specialist report agency will ensure all the details in your report are comprehensive and easy to understand. Home Report Scotland produces reports and portfolios for sellers across Scotland, meaning we are always striving to make sure no stone is left unturned.

If you need to find a home report for your own records or on the back of a potential buyer request, it makes sense to approach experienced, independent experts. Independent surveyors and report filers will be able to build a full picture of what buyers can expect from a property. This can include any potential running costs, maintenance needs, accessibility and more besides.

How Long Will a Report Take?

Many people worry about how long a home report may take to complete. The surveying process will actually only take a few hours to complete, with a local surveyor normally able to take notice of the right details and to make confident predictions after a short tour and inspection of a property. However, the filing of a report may take longer.

This is because there are various elements which go into the compiling of a home report. Depending on how in-depth you need your surveys, the location of your property, and the size of the pitch involved, your wait for a report may be extended. However, we will always let you know when to expect your report, and we will keep you informed at each step of the way.

Home Report Costs

Finding a report in Scotland just got a lot easier – and we aim to make it more affordable, too. While we can’t list all of our costs online, we aim to be competitive with local surveyors and engineers alike. We encourage our customers and clients to approach us directly for information on costs and fees, simply because each case will be different, and will carry varying cost factors.

If you have been approached for a home report and are unsure where to turn, consult your local experts in the first instance. Home Report Scotland works with property sellers and surveyors to produce comprehensive, reliable reports. Call our team directly on 0141 227 6198 today to learn more, or use our online booking system to get an instant quote you can rely on.