Find a Home Report Company in Edinburgh

Find a Home Report Company in Edinburgh

If you are in the process of selling a property and need a home report for potential buyers, Home Report Scotland is here to help. Our team of local chartered surveyors build comprehensive reports on homes and properties across Edinburgh as part of a Scotland-wide network of expertise.

If a potential buyer asks for surveys and reports to be carried out, you must legally provide them with what they ask for.

What’s more, a good home report will also let you know if there are any problem areas which you need to attend to before a sale goes through.

What a Home Report Includes

When looking for a home report company in Edinburgh, you should look for a firm which offers independent surveying and advice.

A property report will take into account the current structure of your building, any potential problems buyers may face, and will also look at the environmental impact your home has on your wider area.

This is important information which your buyers will want to know about.

Factors such as energy efficiency and structural damage can affect the overall value of any building.

In your interests, too, it is a good idea to make sure the price you are requesting is accurate given your value. Precise valuations will allow you to confidently negotiate with buyers.

Edinburgh Property: What Surveyors Look For

Chartered surveyors work on our behalf to attend properties. They undertake thorough inspections so that they can confidently file any areas of concern.

This may include wear and tear, the potential for water ingress, energy efficiency problems, and more besides. When you are selling your property, Home Report Scotland’s local ream in Edinburgh will give you the information you need to complete your sale.

Our local surveyors at Harvey Donaldson & Gibson, are based across Scotland. They are consummate professionals and work independently to help us build comprehensive reports.

Surveyors will look for anything which may change the value of a property. That means they may find elements which can increase your home’s value, too!

Why Hire a Home Report Company in Edinburgh

By calling Home Report Scotland direct, you will get full access to surveys and reports as and when they are produced. That means you can start taking action wherever it may be needed, and you can also offer renewed confidence to your buyers.

What’s more, a property report refresh is always a good idea if your home has been on the market for a while. This will allow you to adjust your value accordingly, and may even let you appeal to new buyers.

We’re here to help you sell your home. To do this, your buyers are going to need to be confident in what you have to offer them. Call us today on 0141 227 6198 or obtain a free quote online immediately.