Novel Coronavirus and Covid 19 – Home Report Scotland and Harvey, Donaldson & Gibson

The team at Home Report Scotland and HDG recognise that this is a rapidly changing and very unpredictable situation however we feel it is important that wherever possible we continue to offer our service to the people of Scotland.

Our absolute priority is our people and the safety of our clients. At present we are operating as normal but with strictly adhered to procedures to make sure we mitigate any possibility that the wellbeing of our people and clients is put at risk.

What are we doing?

Below we explain our position:

1. Office based staff and teams: In line with Government guidance we are moving toward all team members working from home in a safe isolated environment. This is an unusual disruption for business but the team is managing this with positivity and a focus on the need for this to happen. Our channels of communication are still open as normal but there may be times when we have implemented work around procedures to enable this change to happen quickly and effectively, so we appreciate your patience.

2. Booking Procedure: Our booking teams in the Surveying Support team have been asked to follow a script to ensure the safety of our people. In line with the seriousness of the situation a series of questions will be asked to establish whether it is safe to attend your home. We appreciate and respect your privacy but it is necessary to ask questions such as ‘is anyone in the household self-isolating?’ or ‘Is anyone in the Household showing signs of Covid 19 Symptoms?’ Your assistance in this regard is greatly appreciated.

3. Field Based Surveying Staff: At present we are available for a full service for Home Reports and Valuation work. Our Surveyors are experts at dynamic risk assessment and this is no different. Our promise is that where a Surveyor is working and not isolating per current guidance they will be scrupulous in their attention to detail when entering your home. Good hand hygiene and distancing practice will be followed at all times.

What does this mean for you?

· Your Surveyor will call ahead and reiterate the booking process questions and confirm it is acceptable to still access the property.

· Surveyors will either have sanitised hands or will wash their hands before and after their inspection with your permission – providing hot water and soap is a great help.

· Our Surveyors will maintain a safe personal distance from you and your family.

· Some Surveyors may choose to wear a mask and request that you open your door just prior to their arrival to limit surface touching.

· It will greatly assist our team if you provide access to rooms by having doors open prior to our arrival.

· It will greatly assist our team if you clear access to boilers and utilities within the property and expose any areas such as cellars and roof spaces for access before our entry.

· We recognise that there are certain groups who are considered vulnerable. We will only access if you are completely happy for us to do so.

We are working hard to make sure that your team at HDG and Home Report Scotland can still provide a service during these unprecedented and challenging times. Our team reviews the situation daily and our guidance changes in line with this as required – we’ll keep you posted where necessary. Thank you for your assistance in this.

Stay Safe and Keep Positive!

Your Team at Home Report Scotland and HDG.